As a kid friendly dentist in Bellevue, we are focused on preventive care. It is better for your child to visit Breeze Dental for cleaning and exam regularly than to only see us with a toothache. Fortunately, by using preventive care methods we can help your child to avoid experiencing any dental discomfort.
We treat young children as young as two and half year old. Children can develop cavities as their toddler years. During a routine visit to the dentist, a child’s mouth will be fully examined and the teeth will be professionally cleaned. Fluoride treatment is another great tool to prevent cavities. We recommend all children have fluoride treatment throughout their teenager years.
At Breeze Dental, we will also evaluate your child’s need for orthodontic care during routine visit. Often time, early intervention to properly align (straighten) teeth and correct any malocclusion (bad bite) is important in a child’s development.